Open CH New Cut In Town
O: David Krebbs
R: Josh Dozier
Open Res CH Halcom X
O: Liz & Larry Stacy
R: Sonny Martin
Non Pro CH
Kevin Murray
NP Res CH & 2000LR CH
Non Pro Res CH Diana Cunningham & 2LR CH Gracyn Goodwin
2000LR Res CH
Sharon Wilson
Sr Youth CH
Levi Martin
Sr Youth Res CH
Emma Martin
Jr Youth CH
Bryce Maubach
Jr Youth Res CH
Cooper Yarbro
50 Amateur CH
Bailey Krebbs
50 Amateur Res CH
Doug Friesen
25k Novice CH - Catareycious
O: Larry Grimes
R: Ryan Moore
25 Nov ResCH & 25 NNP CH
25N ResCH Gettin Hott In Here - O/R: Ryan & Jennifer Moore
25NNP CH PS Maggie Poo O/R: Natalie Rector
25 NNP Res CH - MK Smooth Rey
Jennifer Rector
5 Nov CH - Cals Little Cat
O: Paul Dopuch
R: Sonny Martin
5 Nov Res CH - Hi Hill Eva
O: Heidi Kallenberger
R: Ryan Moore
5 NNP CH Dar Halepeno Pepper
Laura Dozier
5NNP Res CH SLR Lenas Mr Cat
Lonnie Knox
15k Amateur CH
Sharon Wilson
15k Amateur Res CH
Lonnie Knox
4y Open CH Pepsi Boon
O: LuAnn & Jerry Jefferies
R: Ryan Moore
4y Open Res CH Im Not Blue
O: John and Debbie Berry
R: Ryan Moore
4y Non Pro CH
Zach Easterly
4y NonPro Res CH
LuAnn Jefferies
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